We love global partnerships - this is how we maximize our impact globally. At Koyamada International Foundation (KIF) and Guardian Girls International (GGI), we are thrilled to potentially partner with an international sport federation, international NGOs, national governments, intergovernmental agency, corporations and other organizations at an international level. With this new potential partnership, we could outreach millions of girls and women in need and empower them to defend themselves from all forms of violence in every corner of the world.


Every potential partnership is unique, special and exciting journey for us. We will work closely with our new partner to customize the strategic planning for mutual interests in benefiting girls and women in need from this new global partnership. As for a sport partnership, as an example, we have partnered with World Karate Federation (WKF) that has member national federations in 200 countries and regions to jointly launch "Guardian Girls Karate". As for an United Nations, we signed MoU with UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) as Strategic Partner to collaborate with their UNFPA offices around the world.


Global Partnership Online Form

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