Project Logo
Project Name Guardian Girls Karate
Sports Name Karate
Sports Origin Japanese martial arts
Global Partner World Karate Federation (WKF)
National Federations 200 countries and regions
Partnership Year May, 2022 (Memorandum of Understanding)
Launched Year October, 2022 (Los Angeles, USA)
Project Territory Worldwide
Project Mission The mission aims to promote gender equality and women's empowerment to defend themselves from all forms of Gender-Based Violence through Karate training.
Project Beneficiaries Women (age 18+)
Project Activities
  1. Guardian Girls Karate Reception
  2. Guardian Girls Karate Seminar
  3. Guardian Girls Karate Instructor's Training Course
Launched Countries
  1. United States
  2. Japan
  3. Spain
  4. Egypt
  5. Morocco
  6. Ireland
  7. Hungary
  8. Italy
  9. Mexico
  10. Jamaica
  11. Germany
  12. Sweden
  13. Canada
Awards Peace and Sports (Nominated in 2022)
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Official Page WKF's Official Site