About Guardian Girls International

The Guardian Girls Program is globally governed by the Guardian Girls International (GGI), a nonpartisan and nonprofit organization headquartered in Los Angeles, administered under the Koyamada International Foundation (KIF)'s administrative rules and regulations; operations are run by the GGI’s own independent governance structure.

GGI's governance comprises three levels: the Executive Board, the GGI President and the Advisory Council.


Executive Board

Executive Board is headed by its Chairman of the Board. The goals of the Executive Board is to; support the GGI's President and Secretariat; help establish the vision, goals, and policies for the GGI; review and approve budgets and financial reports; represent the GGI in all matters; and make sure that GGI has resources to advance its mission.

Chair: Mr. Shin Koyamada, Chairman of the Koyamada International Foundation



GGI President

The GGI President heads the Secretariat and has broad responsibilities to provide strategic leadership to the GGI under the authority of the Executive Board. The GGI President oversees the planning and execution of programs, partnership building and development, advocacy, financial management, brand development, strategic plans and management of the Secretariat.

The GGI President: Nia Lyte


Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is a group of experts that shares their expertise, skills and knowledge with the Executive Board and the Secretariat.


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