Why engaging men and boys?

Efforts to end GBV falter when males are not engaged as part of the solution. Men are the principal perpetrators of violence against women and girls, and a radical mindset shift is necessary to bring about lasting behavioral change. However, it is essential to note that marginalizing men to empower women only worsens GBV.

The process of engaging men and boys in the prevention of violence against women has gained momentum over the past 20 years, with growing evidence that well-designed and holistic interventions involving both men and women can work. Interventions focusing solely on men are ineffective in shifting strongly entrenched social norms that drive violence against women, and we must support structural policy changes.

Instead, male engagement is critical to ending violence and discrimination against women and girls. Partnering with men as allies to establish positive gender attitudes is key to changing a culture that has historically reinforced GBV.