Guardian Girls Aikido Reception

The Guardian Girls Aikido Reception is an exclusive launch event hosted by Guardian Girls International (GGI)/KIF's National Chapters, in collaboration with the Embassy/Consul General and the UNFPA Country Office. Held at the Ambassador or Consul General's Residence, the purpose is to officially kick off the GGA project and introduce it to distinguished guests from the host country.

Guardian Girls Aikido Seminar

The Guardian Girls Aikido Seminar, taught by knowledgeable Aikido female instructors, offers a brief yet impactful self-defense workshop for women. This seminar provides participants with hands-on experience in the project's physical activities, aiming to secure strong support from key stakeholders. The ultimate goal is to pave the way for the establishment of a long-term Guardian Girls Aikido Academy.

Guardian Girls Aikido Academy

The Guardian Girls Aikido Academy offers an extended training program spanning from three consecutive months to multiple years. Tailored for adolescent girls and women in need, the academy focuses on bolstering their spirits, honing their mental acuity, and cultivating physical skills for self-defense against potential attacks. Additionally, the curriculum expands participants' knowledge about their communities, gender-based violence, and gender equality.