Japan Ambassador Welcomes Guardian Girls Aikido in Peru

Guardian Girls Aikido (GGA) was successfully launched by the Guardian Girls International (GGI) and the Peruvian Aikido Confederation (COPA) in collaboration with the Embassy of Japan in Peru, UNFPA Peru, the Latin American Aikido Union (ULA), and the International Aikido Federation (IAF). The event took place at the Official Residence of the Japanese Ambassador to Peru, Tsuyoshi Yamamoto, in Lima, Peru. This marked Peru as the third country to introduce the GGA program, following Colombia and Japan in 2024. The launch reception coincided with the APEC summit in Peru.

During the launch reception, Ambassador Yamamoto delivered the opening remarks, welcoming distinguished guests to his residence. Speeches were also given by Ms. Ángela Teresa Hernández Cajo, Peru's Minister of Women and Vulnerable Populations; Mr. Shin Koyamada, CEO of GGI; Dr. Hugo González Coltrinari, the Representative of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in Peru; and Mr. Ronny Felipe García Soria, President of COPA.

Following the remarks, Mr. Shin Koyamada from GGI, Mr. Javier Prado Miranda from ULA, and Ms. Maia Mendez from ULA signed the regional Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between GGI and ULA for the implementation of Guardian Girls Aikido in the Latin American region. ULA consists of national Aikido organizations from 12 countries.

Other notable attendees included Peruvian Ambassador Fernando Quirós, General Director of Asia and Oceania for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru; Peruvian Ambassador Javier Prado Miranda, Director of Asia and Oceania; Mr. Luis Andrés García Román, First Secretary and Advisor of APEC Management and Specialized Forums; Ms. Adrián Carbajal, Third Secretary and Official of the Asia Subdirectorate; Mr. Nishimura Takashi, Director of JICA Peru; Mr. Hiroyuki Ueno, Director of the Japan Foundation Lima; Mr. Francisco Okada Tooyama, President of Asociación Peruano Japonesa (APJ); and Mr. Fernando Noda Datekyu, President of Asociación Estadio La Unión (AELU).