Peru Kicks Off Guardian Girls Aikido Seminar During APEC

As part of the ongoing global initiatives by Guardian Girls International (GGI), the Guardian Girls Aikido Seminar has been launched in collaboration with the Embassy of Japan in Peru, UNFPA Peru, and the Peruvian Aikido Confederation (COPA), with support from the Latin America Aikido Confederation and the International Aikido Federation. The event is being held at the Judo facility of the Villa Deportiva Nacional (National Sports Village), a prominent sports venue in the District of San Luis, Lima, Peru, provided by the Peruvian Judo Federation.

At the beginning of the seminar, the Japanese Ambassador to Peru, Tsuyoshi Yamamoto, gave the opening remarks, welcoming over 100 attendees, including participants. Following his speech, six other distinguished speakers addressed the audience: Mr. Shin Koyamada (CEO of Guardian Girls International), Dr. Hugo González Coltrinari (Representative of UNFPA Peru), Mr. Wilko Vriesman (President of the International Aikido Federation), Mr. Kei Izawa (Vice-President of the International Aikido Federation), Mr. Hector Miranda Gutierrez (President of the Latin America Aikido Union/ULA), and Mr. Ronny García Soria (President of the Peruvian Aikido Confederation/COPA).

After the remarks concluded, the Peru Branch of Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko (Ryukyu Kingdom Festival Drums) took to the tatami to share the “Kokoro Spirit” through dynamic choreography. Their performance combined karate forms (kata) with traditional Eisa movements. The performers danced and drummed to a lively mix of traditional and contemporary Okinawan and Japanese music.

At the seminar, over 40 local Peruvian women from the Lima area participated in a wonderful women's self-defense seminar lasting about an hour. The session was led by the Chief Instructor and her assistant instructors from COPA. The seminar began with a series of performances by 10 women GGA instructors, who showcased various Aikido-based techniques against 10 male opponents. Following the demonstrations, the women participants enjoyed experiencing the unique and effective self-defense techniques, which covered different scenarios. Attendees from various professions and backgrounds thoroughly enjoyed the seminar.