Guardian Girls Karate Demonstration Debut in Egypt

The first Guardian Girls Global Karate Project in 2023 concluded on Sunday, January 29, 2023 with the Guardian Girls Karate Demonstration, which was hosted during the finals of the Karate 1-Premier League in Cairo, Egypt.

Performed by Ms. Amy Connell and Giana Farouk with the assistance of Mustafa El-Gobashi, the demonstration was distributed to a worldwide viewing audience through the broadcast of the Karate 1-Premier League Cairo to TV networks all over the world.

Through a series of Karate movements applied to ordinary situations of violence, the Guardian Girls Karate instructors showed Karate resources to be used by any woman when confronted with violent behavior.

WKF President Antonio Espinós said:

“The activities of the Guardian Girls Global Karate Project in Cairo have been a sound success. Not only we have confirmed the strength of the project, as well as the firm bond that the three global creators of the programme - UNFPA, KIF and the WKF - share to fight the evil of Gender-Based Violence; we have also given women in Egypt a glimpse of how much Karate can help them in their lives while demonstrating the efficiency of Karate to face violent situations.

With the invaluable cooperation of our partners UNFPA and KIF and the remarkable support of the Embassy of Japan in Egypt and the Egyptian Karate Federation, we have initiated a wonderful journey to decisively establish Karate’s crucial contribution to society”.

Following the launching in Cairo, the project will be introduced at the major Karate events to take place in 2023, namely, Guadalajara (Spain) from March 24 to 25 during the EKF Senior Championships, the three Karate 1-Premier League events of the year in Rabat (Morocco) from May 12 to 14, Fukuoka (Japan) from June 9 to 11, Dublin (Ireland) from September 8 to 10, and Budapest (Hungary) from 27 to 28 October during the Senior World Championships.