Hungary Launches Guardian Girls Karate in Budapest 🇭🇺

A remarkable exhibition of Karate's pivotal role in combatting gender-based violence, the "Guardian Girls Global Karate Project" has exemplified the sport's inherent values and unwavering dedication to gender equality and women's rights.

The grand finale of this impactful initiative unfolded in Budapest, concluding a series of presentations held in Cairo, Guadalajara, Rabat, Fukuoka, and Dublin throughout the year.


Kicking off its activities in Budapest, the "Guardian Girls Karate Project" commenced with a prestigious presentation at the official residence of the Ambassador of Japan to Hungary.

Ambassador Masato Otaka graciously hosted the event, attended by esteemed figures such as WKF President Antonio Espinós, President of the Hungarian Karate Federation Janos Meszaros, World Karate Federation Secretary General Toshihisa Nagura, WKF Vice Presidents Jose Garcia Maañon, Nasser Alrazooqi, and Bechir Cherif, along with all members of the WKF Executive Committee. Notable officials, including the President of Koyamada International Foundation Nia Lyte, also participated in this significant gathering.

"Karate, a Japanese discipline, serves as a guide to life, imparting the principles of finding one's path and aiding others—an integral facet of the Karate philosophy. Witnessing the global embrace of the Karate community by hundreds of individuals is truly gratifying," emphasized Ambassador Masato Otaka.

Expressing optimism for the Guardian Girls Karate initiative, Ambassador Otaka voiced his desire for increased global participation, particularly among women. He highlighted Hungary's keen interest and popularity in Karate, envisioning its continued growth on the global stage.

Hungarian Karate Federation President Janos Meszaros remarked, "Activities like these are inherent to the budo of Karate, contributing to what makes Karate an exceptional discipline." Meszaros also took a moment to express his enthusiasm for the successful staging of the World Championships in Budapest, underlining the positive trajectory of Karate's impact and reach.

"We have successfully concluded the inaugural year of our project in collaboration with our esteemed partners, UNFPA and KIF, embarking on a truly fantastic adventure. Despite encountering challenges along this journey, the unwavering support from the global Karate community and the generosity of certain members of the World Karate Federation have enabled us to overcome these obstacles. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to WKF Vice President Nasser Alrazooqi, whose financial contribution played a pivotal role in the success of the program's foundation year, filling us with enthusiasm as we enter the new year," shared WKF President Antonio Espinós.

Espinós emphasized the significance of the Guardian Girls Karate Project as a decisive step in integrating the sport into society, expressing high hopes for its future impact. "I am confident that this program's contribution to combating gender-based violence will remain highly significant," he added.

Following the welcoming speeches, the project's framework was presented by KIF President Nia Lyte, who underscored the transformative benefits of Karate. "While I'm not a karateka myself, my husband (actor Shin Koyamada) is. Through the seminars conducted worldwide this year, I've had the opportunity to witness firsthand how Karate can empower women," she remarked.